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Koh Kood

Koh Kood
Koh Kood

Koh Kood is the second largest island to Koh Chang, and the fourth largest in Thailand after Koh Samui. Situated 80 kms southeast of the provincial city of Trat, Koh Kood is the farthest island from the mainland. It is also the easternmost island of Thailand bordering Cambodia.

It is supported by essential infrastructure, which include a hospital, schools, police station, electricity (mainly for state-run facilities), water and telephone system. Fuel and solar energy are the main source of electricity here.

Koh Kood has a mountainous terrain in the central region. About 70% of Koh Kood are covered by tropical rainforest. Development is scarce and mostly at coastal areas. Koh Kood boasts of scenic beauties, crystals clear sea, pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and a very pure nature environment.

From Laem Ngob, ferry will take 4-5 hours to island. Speed boat taks over an hour. The resorts which cater to the higher priced market include this trip in their packages. There are several resorts, most of them are on the west coast. Koh Kood is little known to foreigners. Most of the visitors are Thais who find it a paradise. Most of resorts e.g. Kood Cabana Resort have a minimum requirement on number of guests per package, usually 10. However if you do not have your own group you can join the others.

The west coast is lined with a series of pristine beaches, sparkling clear sea, captivating views and a great place to catch the magnificent sunset. Most of the best known beaches are along the bays which include the Ao Pak Waeng, Ao Klong Ta Tain, Ao Klong Yai Kee, Ao Ta Pow, Ao Klong Chao, Ao Klong hin and Ao Prao. The prime areas include Ao Sapparos, Ao Klong Kwaen, Ao Yai Kerd, Ao Hin Yai and Ao Chak. Ao Salad and Ao Yai are the major fishing villages here. The Khao Paenthee is the highest hill and has jus been recently discovered as a superb viewpoint for the sparkling island-dotted seas.

Tourists spots in the area include Klong Chao or Tan Sanuk Waterfall. King Rama VI once made a visit to the place in 1911 and granted a name “Anamkok” for the waterfall in the memory of Ong Chian Sue. Kood Island Resort provides accommodations for tourists on the island.