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Getting to Koh Kood

Getting to Koh Kood

How to visit Koh Kood

Presently, traveling to Koh Kood by a Package tour is more popular than by your own selves. Each resort has arranged a various kinds of travel programs, consequently you has many choices to fulfill your need.

For tourists who already buy a package tour can take a minibus at the appointed point, e.g. at the front of Churdchai Tour Bus Station or the front of Trad Hospital to

  • Kanlapangha Pier:
    The pier of Koh Kood Resort in Klong Yai District the route to Ban Had Lek, the border between Thailand and Combodia which is far from the downtown about 80 kms.
  • Koh Kood Cabana Pier:
    It is site is far from Trad City Hall around 5 kms. near and near Chao Pho Dan Kao Shrine.
  • Koh Kood Sai Kao Pier:
    This pier is far from the downtown of Trad around 5 kms. near Koh Kood Cabana Pier and Chao Pho Dan Kao Shrine.
  • Ao Cho Pier:
    It bolongs to Peterpan and Captain Hook Resort. The route that leads to Laem Sok is far from Trad downtown 20 kms.
  • Klong hin Hut or Lung Reang Pier:
    It is located near the port of Koh Kood Cabana and Chao Pho Dan Kao Shrine and far from Trad downtown 5 kms.

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